Instruments # Bolivia Total: 12


  • Type End-blown flute (single)
  • Origin Bolivia
  • Ethnicity Chipaya
  • Materials Animal ligature, Wood
  • Measures 72,5×3 cm
  • Dating 1960-1970

The Chipaya people of the department of Oruro, in Bolivia, use this type of flute. They also call it pinkayllo when it is used during Carnival.
The instrument is made by cutting a straight or curved willow or tola branch into two longitudinal pieces, and once hollowed out they are united with llama sinew.
There are two sizes that play melodic lines in parallel movements with a difference of approximately one third between them. Frequently, they are accompanied by rhythmic instruments. They are used to accompany women dances. Also the dances of men, when the dancers are also flute players.

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