Trumpet # Europe Total: 9


  • Type Trumpet
  • Origin Lithuania
  • Materials Birch bark, Cloth, Rope, Wood
  • Measures 58×6 cm
  • Dating 1890

This instrument is made from a branch. It is cut longitudinally into two pieces, and once hollowed out glued together with resin and firmly wrapped with birch bark or wooden rings (as done in Rumania). It can be made in different lengths, but always straight or slightly curved.
From the 12th century it has been used, solo or in groups, for magical rituals and as a signalling instrument. In northeastern Lithuania, the group consisting of five trumpets to play a polyphonic form that uses second intervals is very common sutartines. Each of the five trumpets is tuned differently. Players use independent rhythms, and to remind them they aid themselves with onomatopoeic words.

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